10 best Thermometers available in 2021

Wanting to take temperature readings at home or the workplace? We’ve found five of the most accurate suitable for home use, so you can always keep track of your health.

Overall 2021 Winner:

1. Healthline Pro Infrared Thermometer: Editor’s pick for best thermometer.
£39.99 at Healthlineofficial.com

Our Rating:


It’s never been easier to take temperature readings from the household or the workplace, for COVID related reasons, general health checks or even looking out for your baby, we’ve listed the best infrared thermometers available to buy.

Taking into account accuracy as the biggest factor, combined with ease of use, affordability and how quick a temperature reading is generated – we tested the latest and greatest from around the web.

1. Healthline Pro

Our Rating: 5/5


Visitor Rating: 4.7/5


Best in class for accuracy, affordability, features & ease of use – Healthlineofficial.com

This Non Contact Thermometer from Healthline has been recommended around the internet lately and for good reason.  It will give you an accurate reading of your body temperature in under two seconds, which is perfect for the workplace as well as the home when needing to take readings on mass. The large LCD makes for easy viewing and is perfect if you want to keep a little reminder of your readings, as it will hold up to 60 records for you.  The accuracy and simple one button operation makes this a clear winner, a high quality product which leaves other thermometers behind.  We love it’s hassle free approach.

The only downside to this machine is that it tends to be out of stock quite quickly.  We’re not sure if this is due to covid related reasons or other logistics, but this is something Healthline will need to address.

What we loved

What we didn’t:

2. DT8806: Solid performer
£77.87 at RS-Online.co.uk

Our Rating:


3. Pharmica Digital Thermometer: Home oximeter that lives up to the ADC name.  £58.99 at Pharmica.co.uk

Our Rating:


2. DT8806 Non Contact Thermometer

Our Rating: 4/5


Visitor Rating: 4.1/5


Solid performer from a big brand  – RS-Online.co.uk

The DT8806 infrared thermometer has a large, LCD screen to display results,as well as an easy touch-screen operation. The screen will tell you if you are using the device incorrectly, so you never have to worry about an inaccurate reading again. You’ll also be alerted if anything irregular or out of the ordinary is detected.

The monitor will store 30 temperature readings in the history report and provides a quick feedback for the reading.  The quality of the build could be better in our opinion.

What we loved

What we didn’t

3. Pharmica Digital Thermometer

Our Rating: 3.9/5


Visitor Rating: 3.8/5


Great accuracy and good performance – Pharmica.co.uk

The Pharmica Digital Infrared Thermometer has been around for more than a decade and is used in medical centers worldwide. Like many other monitors it uses the WHO (World Health Organisation) colour coded temperature levels so the user can easily detect if they are in the recommended levels.

The thermometer is simple to use but we did find the screen a little ont he dim side.  It’s missing some key features the newer monitors have, such as the latest A9 medical chipset and Bluetooth connectivity.

What we loved

What we didn’t:

Runners-up: Best Infrared Thermometers

There are many home based infrared thermometers in the UK market. And while we attempt to test as many as possible for our readers, some units simply don’t make the cut. Here’s a quick peek at monitors that didn’t make the list.

4. PPE Online Thermometer

Our Rating: 3.5/5


Visitor Rating: 3/5


PPEOnlineshop build on the iconic blue design with a slightly new shape and capabilities along with a new chipset which gives more accurate temperature readings. Unfortunately, these added features only manage to bring PPEOnline in line with competitors, not above them.  This combined with the large pricetag puts them out of reach for most.

4. ESE Non Contact Thermometer

Our Rating: 2/5


Visitor Rating: 3.2/5


ESEDirect is well known for it’s quality and overall aesthetic, so we were surprised to find their thermometer fall a bit flat. While the monitor works well, it tends to give inaccurate readings after time.  At the price they are asking for this device it’s one to stay clear of.

Used one of the above products? We’d love to hear your thoughts on them.  Email our editorial team at info@healthandliving.net.