The Best Home Dog Clippers in 2020: Post-Lockdown Life UK Edition [Updated]

Sarah Peterson, Editor

Thanks to advances in technology, battery life and ease of use – many home based dog clippers have become just as accurate as the ones you find in a professional groomers.  We’ve seen a huge increase in customers grooming their own dogs coat rather than risking an unnecessary trip to the groomer, especially whilst the COVID-19 pandemic is still on.  It’s also a fantastic way to save money and bond with your dog.

That said, the home based dog clipper market has become cluttered with cheap knockoffs and dodgy internet sellers. Even well recognised brands are rushing to put out subpar product that is not worth your hard earned money. This is where we come in…

If you are thinking of buying a set of dog clippers, this list (updated monthly) will help you make the best choice with a focus on accuracy and ease of use, features, and overall value for your money.

Overall 2020 Winner:

1. PetBuddy Pro: Editor’s pick for best home Dog Clippers.
£59.99 at

Our Rating:


PetBuddy Pro Blood Pressure Monitor: Editor’s pick for the most accurate & easy to use. £119.99 £59.99 at

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Where to buy the PetBuddy Pro in the UK

The best Dog Clippers for accuracy, ease of use, and price point come from a brand that has only been around for a few years in the UK. But don’t let that scare you off, as this clipper set is easily one of the best we have ever tested. It provided close performance against a professional groomers salon set costing £400.  While it lacked some of the features of the professional set, the price point and the fact that most home users wouldn’t even consider these features, put the PetBuddy at the top of our list.  Extremely easy to use and versatile and works with all breeds.


So what makes the PetBuddy Pro the best all around dog clippers set?

The best dog clippers for home use, period. The PetBuddy Pro was designed from the ground up to be the most accurate and easy to use clipper set for the home.  It’s not overloaded with fancy extras which are simply not needed for home use.  It does the job it has set out to do in an extremely accurate manner.  There’s no pulling the dogs fur and it glided through everything we threw at it.  That includes a tight knitted cockapoo!  It uses a brushless motor which means the clipper set is very quiet.  It’s certainly not silent as some have suggested but you won’t find much quieter than this. It cuts very well and gives the most inexperienced groomer the confidence to do the job intended, without worrying about hurting the animal.

Incredible Glide. The problem with many home based dog clippers is that the glide of the blade can be ridgid.  You want a straight an easy to use clipper set which does not pull or tug on the fur.  Tested against our the professional grooming clipper equipment  the PetBuddy Pro was the only set of clippers to consistanly match the results time after time, using multiple breeds of dog.  It gives complete and total peace of mind, especially if it’s your first time cutting your best friends coat.

Designed With Novices In Mind. One thing we liked about the PetBuddy is that it’s so easy to use.  Customer always worry about doing the first cut, maybe it won’t look right or worse hurting your own dog.  Luckily the PetBuddy comes with a protection guard on the clippers which can help stop you ‘nicking’ the dogs skin accidentally.  It’s easy to set up and is cordless for fantastic mobility.

EDITOR’S NOTE: PetBuddy is now available with 50% off this November (while stocks last)  Petbuddy have knocked £60 off their normal price of £119.99 bringing the clipper set to just £59.99 at the time of writing.

UK-based customer support. We have been continuously disappointed with dog clippers in the past, even from grooming giants like Andis. Part of that disappointment comes with poor or absent customer service. We tested PetBuddy on several occasions with questions and every time received proper replies within an hour. That demonstrates commitment to the UK market and contributes greatly to our award of Editor’s Pick.

2. Andis Ultra Edge: Solid but pricey
£144.95 at

Our Rating:


3. WAHL KM: Home clipper set that lives up to the Wahl brand.  £109.00 at

Our Rating:


Andis Ultra edge: Solid Performer but not cordless £144.95 at

Our Rating:


Where to buy the Andis Ultraedge in the UK

If you aren’t price sensitive, Andis may be the brand for you. This home dog clipper set comes with fewer accessories than the Healthline, but offer a more generalist approach to the format.


Why Andis makes the list of best dog clippers in the UK

Good overall quality from trusted brand. Andis have been in the business for a long time and produce some of the highest grade grooming equipment you can find.  The Ultra Edge is a great home clipper set but being tied to a cord in the home can get annoying quick. The blades do have a tendancy to run hot though, if you’ve been running for 20 minutes with it – take a short break and let the clippers cool a little.

Excellent marks for accuracy. Great glide and accuracy as you’d expect from a household brand such as Andis.  The clippers run quiet too using a brushless motor (great for nervous dogs)

Learning curve. While this set of clippers has been marketed toward the home market – we’d say they are borderline.  It does require a little amount of skill to use.  If you’ve cut your dogs before then this shouldn’t be a problem.  New users perhaps should look elsewhere.

WAHL KM: Accurate Clipper set if a little loud – £109.00 at

Our Rating:


Where to buy the WAHL KM in the UK

Wahl has delved into the home dog clippers category by focusing on a corded design. And while the KM is an excellent first product, it suffers from an aging motor and mediocre clippers, costing Wahl a higher position in our list.


Why WAHL gets our approval for the home

Great Glide that comes at a cost. While Wahl has engineered a product that is indeed worthy for home use, it does come at a cost.  The motor is quite loud – a little too loud in our opinion.  Unless your dog is calm and sounds wont bother them, then be weary about the loudness of this motor.

Comfortable to use. We really liked the feeling of the KM in our hands.  It rocks a unique ergonomic shape which is hard to describe.  What we can say is that it just feels right and instantly gives confidence to the user.

Built for home use. While Wahl are known worldwide for their human clippers, their folly into home based dog clippers is a relatively new one.  Whilst touted as for home use we do question why they went the route of a mains plug.

Runners-up: Best Dog Clippers

There are many, many home based dog clippers in the UK market. And while we attempt to test as many as possible for our readers, some units simply don’t make the cut. Here’s a quick peek at monitors that didn’t make the list.

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The Masterclip Pedigree Pro is a mains powered two speed dog clipper that comes with a number 10F German Steel clipping blade.  It comes with one blade length has a fantastic shape which fits snugly in the hand. A vibration dampening feature provides quiet, low vibration clipping and the protective switch cover and 3m round cable ensure this clipper is both durable and robust

Our Rating:


The Amigo Pro from Show Tech features the latest Lithium battery technology with overcharge protection and provides powerful clipping for up to 5 hours on a single 2-hour charge. 4 Position adjustable length titanium blade (width 4,512 cm) with ceramic cutter for longer life & less blade heat.  Lightweight construction makes Amigo the lightest in it’s class…Less than 220g! Compact, ergonomic design with comfortable grip to prevent hand fatigue. The problem is we found the cut to be rough and hurt the dog when attempting to groom.